It is critical that a robust framework is adopted to make sure that the Wuzhen Action Plan (2019-2021) is accomplished in an inclusive and effective manner, taking into account the perspective of all BRI jurisdictions and the benefits for stakeholders at large. Accordingly, task forces have been established to examine the implementation of the action plans set forth herein, namely, (i) raising tax certainty; (ii) expediting tax dispute resolution; (iii) enhancing tax administration capacity; (iv) streamlining tax compliance; and (v) digitalizing tax administration.


In order to ensure the inclusiveness and representation on the task forces, each Member TA will join one or more task forces. Observers are strongly encouraged to further their engagement through participation in one or more task forces. The task forces will also draw upon the expertise of the BRITACʘM Advisory Board, well-established research institutes around the world and international organizations. 


The task forces meet both virtually and physically over the next two years and work closely with businesses. Each task force have one Chair from Member TAs who is responsible for coordinating, organizing and overseeing the implementation of the Wuzhen Action Plan (2019-2021) with the help of the Secretariat.  






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