Change of Executive Secretary of the BRITACʘM Secretariat

updated:2019-11-22    Secretariat


Recently, Executive Secretary of the Secretariat, Mr. LIAO Tizhong, who was also Director General of the International Taxation Department, State Taxation Administration of the People's Republic of China (STA), has submitted retirement application and gotten approval. Meanwhile, he resigned from his position in the Secretariat of the BRITACʘM.

In order to ensure the organized operation of the Secretariat, the Council Chair has proposed Mr. WANG Daoshu, Chief Auditor of the STA for the position of Executive Secretary to the Secretariat, who has worked closely with Mr. LIAO Tizhong and the BRITACʘM Secretariat team. The CV of Mr. WANG Daoshu is attached for your reference. In accordance with Article 2.5 and Article 2.6 of the MoU, the nomination was submitted to the Council and the appointment has been approved by more than two-thirds of the Council Members. 

Therefore, Mr. WANG Daoshu officially takes over the position of Executive Secretary of the BRITACʘM Secretariat and he will fully devote himself to the sustained operation of the BRITACʘM.


Annex: CV of Mr. WANG Daoshu




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