Enhancing Tax Administration On Capacity Building

 Enhancing Tax Administration On Capacity Building 


Consensus to be implemented:


1. To upgrade the capacity of tax administrations to deal with the complex international tax issues that arise in the BRI jurisdictions, we have created a network of training institutions that spread throughout the BRI region. We welcome the creation of the BRI Tax Academies (hereinafter referred to as ”BRITAs”) in Kazakhstan, Macao SAR and the mainland of China and look forward to more jurisdictions offering to create similar academies. This network of BRITAs will provide a solid base to train our tax officials in a multilateral environment including, where appropriate, allowing the participation of businesses.


2. We will conduct a survey to identify the areas for building capacity and work out a short-term plan and a long-term blueprint for capacity building by taking into full consideration the needs of the tax administrations of the BRI jurisdictions and the on-going work of international and regional rganizations.


3. We will make good use of the Belt and Road Initiative Tax Capacity Enhancement Group (hereinafter referred to as the “BRITACEG”) as a platform for capacity building. A number of face-to-face instructor-led training programs will be provided by the BRITAs and other training institutions of Member or Observer TAs. Each BRITA will organize at least 2 seminars or similar activities each year under the coordination of the BRITACEG Director and the Secretariat. The BRITAs in the mainland of China will organize 12 training programs each year focusing on the major tax topics of common concern.


4. We will hold seminars, workshops and other forms of discussion and learning activities to share views and exchange ideas in a bid to seek solutions to the common issues that work in the environment of the BRI jurisdictions.





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