The First Tax Administration Theme Day Event of the BRITACOM in Mid-June

updated:2022-06-24    Secretariat

According to the Nur-Sultan Action Plan (2022-2024), the BRITACOM will consecutively organize three Tax Administration Theme Day Events in 2022 with the theme Better Connection for a Better Future to build a platform for tax-business communication and improve the business environment. On 15 June, a dedicated webpage with online exhibition was unveiled on the BRITACOM official website (see, which marked the beginning of the first Tax Administration Theme Day Event of the BRITACOM.

The first theme day event are co-hosted by tax administrations of the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, China, and Macao, China, starting from mid-June and will last for about one month. The theme day event consists of a dedicated webpage with online exhibition, a virtual seminar, and an interactive Q&A module.
The dedicated webpage with online exhibition as a warm-up, substantively displays the tax policy framework, tax incentive policies, tax declaration process of the three co-host jurisdictions in the form of videos, brochures, and pictures in different languages, which are closely relevant to foreign-invested enterprises and has attracted a lot of attention from BRITACOM Parties and foreign enterprises.
The virtual seminar of the first event was held on 23 June 2022. Representatives from BRITACOM Council Member Tax Administrations, Observers, members of the Advisory Board, and business attended the meeting. 
At the first session of the seminar, eight representatives from State Taxation Administration of China delivered presentations on tax policies and administration features in Chinese mainland. Ms. Wang Rui, Director of Recordation Review Division, Tax Policy and Legislation Department, introduced Chinese mainland’s tax administration system and highlights of its recent reforms, giving an overview of taxes closely related to investment and business operations. Ms. Zhou Meifeng, Deputy Director of CIT Division I, Income Tax Department, introduced the corporate tax incentives for "bringing in" enterprises. Ms. Gao Jianmin, Deputy Director of Non-resident Taxation Division, International Taxation Department, explained China's preferential tax policies for non-resident enterprises. Ms. Yu Zhifang, Deputy Director of Taxpayer Rights Protection Division, Taxpayer Service Department, shared the improved tax service provided by the tax authorities of China for inbound business. Mr. Li Yinan, Deputy Director of Assessment Service Division, Large Business Taxation Department shared the practices of tax certainty services of state and local tax authorities for large business over the past years. Mr. Li Qiaolang, Director of Tax Treaty Division, International Taxation Department, introduced tax treaty developments in China and the administrative measures on obtaining treaty benefits. Ms. Zhang Ying, Acting Director of Anti-Avoidance Division I, International Taxation Department, together with Ms. Zhang Ning, Tax Officer of Shenzhen Tax Service, presented China’s first successful pilot case of the coordinated management mechanism of transfer pricing between Chinese tax administration and customs administration, which is aimed to reduce compliance burden for businesses and improve tax certainty.
At the second session, Ms. CHAN Shun-mei, Assistant Commissioner, Ms. WONG Pui-ki, Chief Assessor and Ms. WONG Ka-yee, Chief Assessor from Inland Revenue Department of Hong Kong, China, introduced Hong Kong’s tax policies and tax administration, and also shared the experience in attracting investments from a tax perspective. 
At the last session, Mr. Masato Gerald Jeoffrey Muraishi, Senior Officer of Department of Public Auditing, Tax Investigation and Appeals, from Financial Services Bureau of Macao, China, gave an overview of Macao’s tax policies, tax administration and tax services.
Participants had extensive exchanges with speakers on key topics and issues, such as the tax incentives in these jurisdictions in the Post-pandemic Era.
This is the first of the theme day events this year and the BRITACOM will organize two more in later July or early August, and November respectively in 2022, aimed at building a platform for tax-business communication in relevant jurisdictions and enhancing mutual understanding among BRITACOM Parties. With exchanges and cooperation between tax administrations and businesses, the better enhanced mutual understanding, more optimized business environment, and we hope the goal of building a growth-friendly tax environment will be achieved.

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