The BRITACEG Curriculum System Version 1.0 Officially Released


Subsequent to the Introduction of the BRITACEG Curriculum System issued on the 3rd BRITACOF in September 2022, The BRITACEG Curriculum System Version 1.0 has been formulated and is now released.
Focusing on the mandate of tax administration capacity enhancement, the system comprises four themes that are highly associated with functions and duties of tax administrations, namely, Tax System, Tax Administration and Digitalization, Tax Environment and Taxpayer Service, and Tax Cooperation, which include 8 topics, 27 subtopics and 65 courses. The courses are divided into three levels - elementary, intermediate and advanced, catering to different cohorts of tax officials and the like from BRI jurisdictions.  
With the official release of the BRITACEG Curriculum System Version 1.0, special thanks go to BRITACOM Members and Observers, BRITACEG Members and Partners, and to those international organizations, scholars, as well as individual experts with their insightful comments. Appreciation is also extended to the five Belt and Road Initiative Tax Academies in Yangzhou, Beijing, Astana, Macao and Riyadh, the State Taxation Administration of China (STA) and the National Tax Institute of the STA for their sustained support throughout the process of formulating the BRITACEG Curriculum System .
The BRITACEG would continuously invite world renowned experts from various tax fields to join the BRITACEG elite expert team. Tax officials from the BRI jurisdictions are also welcome to exchange and share their experience and practices through the BRITACEG platform.
The BRITACEG is committed to the joint enhancement of tax administration capacity of the BRI jurisdictions and would continue to provide high-quality training programs and knowledge products for tax officials from the BRI jurisdictions and other stakeholders. 
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