The Third Conference of the Belt and Road Initiative Tax Administration Cooperation Forum

Enhancing Tax Administration Capacity Building in the Post-pandemic Era

19-21 September 2022
  • The Opening Ceremony of the 3rd BRITACOF
  • Welcome Address-Mr. Brahim Djamel KASSALI
  • Opening Address-Ms. Amel Abdellatif
  • Update of the BRITACOM-Mr. Wang Daoshu
  • Keynote Speech-Mr. Zhanalinov Daniyar
  • Keynote Speech-Mr. Wang Jun
  • Progress Report on BRITACEG
  • Progress report on BRITACEG
  • Announcement of a new BRITA
  • Experience sharing by BRITA·Yangzhou
  • Experience sharing by BRITA·Nur-Sultan
  • Experience sharing by BRITA·Macao China
  • Topic 1 Strategic Planning of Capacity Building
  • Keynote Speech-Mrs. Ia Mikhelidze
  • Keynote Speech- Mr. Daniel A.Witt
  • Keynote Speech-Ms. SADOUDI Djamila
  • Keynote Speech-Mr. Balázs KERTÉSZ
  • Keynote Speech-Mr. Felipe Quintela
  • Keynote Speech-Ms. Mya Mya Oo
  • Panel Discussion
  • Topic 2 Information Technology and Capacity Building
  • Keynote Speech-Prof. Dr. Jeffrey Owens
  • Keynote Speech-Mr. Chu Lizhong
  • Keynote Speech-Prof. Dr. Stef van Weeghel
  • Keynote Speech-Dr. Davood Manzoor
  • Keynote Speech-Mr. Solehzoda Ayubjon
  • Keynote Speech-Mr. Wassal M. Almalki
  • Keynote Speech-Mrs. Tuma Adama Gento-Kamara
  • Panel Discussion
  • Topic 3 Life-long Learning of Tax Officials
  • Keynote Speech-Ms. Evelyn Khoo
  • Keynote Speech-Mr. Ma Shiqi
  • Keynote Speech-Mr. TAM Tai-pang
  • Keynote Speech-Ms. Lyazzat Kasymkulova
  • Panel Discussion
  • Topic 4 Train the Trainer
  • Keynote Speech-Ms. Ana Rodriguez-Calderon
  • Keynote Speech-Mr. Jean Bernardini
  • Keynote Speech-Mr. Kuntal Dave
  • Keynote Speech-Mr. Ezera Madzivanyika
  • Topic 5 Experience Sharing by IOs
  • Keynote Speech-Mr.Ruud de Mooij
  • Keynote Speech-Mr. Santiago Díaz de Sarralde Miguez
  • Keynote Speech-Mr. Paolo Valerio Barbantini
  • Keynote Speech-Ms. Wapinu Ndule
  • Panel Discussion
  • Business and Industry Tax Dialogue
  • Keynote Speech-Mr. Christian Kaeser
  • Keynote Speech-Prof. Gullielmo Maisto
  • Panel Discussion
  • Closing Ceremony
  • Release of the 3rd BRITACOF outcomes
  • The Fourth BRITACOF
  • Closing Address by Chair of BRITACOM Council


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BRITACʘM Secretariat Office



NO. 3(A) Longqing Street, Economic and Technological Development Area,
Beijing, CHINA